Round 2 of chemo, rocking my new #skullcandy headphones from the awesome @autumnhindman. Preparing for the next dip on the world’s most slow-motion roller coaster.
I’ve been told my positive attitude while going through cancer is unique. While I think most people just don’t know enough cancer survivors, I do have a secret that enables me to keep things in perspective: there is a mystery spot on my lung.
The spot is too close to my heart to risk doing a biopsy, too close to my heart to get a definitive image of what it is. So it remains a mystery and a constant reminder that nothing can be taken for granted. I’m one aggressive lung tumor away from incurable cancer, and living in this uncertainty enables me to live more authentically.
Regardless of your beliefs about what happens after death, there is no denying the preciousness of what we have right now while we breathe. All guarantees of our ability to act on our own behalf are off the table when our breath becomes air. My inability to ignore my mortality drives me to inhale life deeply, to suck the beauty and the meaning from each experience, to ride the intensity of life with both hands in the air.
So in short, my secret is Death. I don’t know when she’ll pull my card from her deck, but I know there are a few extra cards in there with my face on them. This knowledge powers my efforts to live a beautiful life while I still have a choice.
Question: What is the most beautiful, but simple, thing in your life that you would recommend I try or pay more attention to? Thanks in advance for your advice.
PS- Pardon the nip slip.

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