I didn’t make a proper announcement when she was born, so I apologize for the late news:

Introducing Satori Deva Roney. Born 12 March at 1:07 am. 5 lbs 11 oz, 20.5 inches long. We’ve decided to keep her. Now a little info on the name:

As most of you know, Juanique and I are into unique names. We also like names that are aspirational, sort of like built in role models for our children. Satori perfectly meets both criteria. It is a Zen Buddhist word meaning “enlightenment,” “awakening,” or “seeing one’s true nature.” With any luck it will serve Satori as a continuing call back to her true nature, which is basic goodness.
Deva is a Buddhist and Hindu word meaning “a god or divine being,” once again intended to keep Satori’s divine nature at the forefront of her self-image. It’s fair to say that she is living up to her name perfectly so far.
One of the benefits of her birth so far has been the halo of calm it has created in our lives. We even came close to forgetting about the cancer a few times. Preparing for tomorrow’s surgery has been like being awoken from the best dream. It’s a little bit painful, but we’ve got the advantage of bringing the best part of the dream with us into the next chapter of our lives. I guess I’m ready now.

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