Tristin Roney

Pants are so lame, so we’re giving them the morning off.

In other news, I survived surgery and I’m healing up nicely. I wish I could say I did the whole ride fearlessly and optimistically, but, at least half the time, I was afraid and unable to avoid thoughts of what could go wrong. If there is one thing that can break my typical positive outlook, it is the thought of losing my family.

Luckily, I had an army of positive energy behind me, and it more than compensated for my fears. Thank you to all of you. Your words made a huge and pleasant impact on my experience, as always.

Even more important to me, however, was that I had the reassurance that Juanique was on the ride with me, gracefully carrying an extraordinary burden that she didn’t ask for. Even without a single word of encouragement from another human being, I am confident in my path forward in life because she is a part of it. No one should ever be asked to do what she has had to do in the last year, but there isn’t another person I’d trust more to do it.

We should be getting the lab results back on Friday to help us determine what our next steps will be. While it’s far from a guarantee, and we’ll never know for sure, there is a chance that I am cancer free right this moment. That’s a thought worth obsessing over, I think.

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