Tristin Roney

You’d be forgiven if this picture led you to believe Tennyson is a contemplative fellow, but he did actually sit down without any coaching.

In other (really good) news, the pathology results from the tumor-removal surgery came in. The tumor was very large (3.84 cm) and penetrated the entire rectum wall, but it did not affect any tissue beyond the rectum wall and only one of 16 lymph nodes was cancerous.

The tissue was “moderately differentiated” (still kind of looked like colon and not totally cancer). Still no news on possible lung metastases, but I’m feeling pretty good about my odds at this point. For the cancer aficionados out there, I believe that makes it a T3 N1a M0 G2 cancer. I was also told there was a “partial response” to treatment (as opposed to no response or total response).

Because there was not a total response and 1 lymph node was still infected, and because I’ve tolerated chemo very well so far, I was advised to continue chemo treatments for a few more rounds.

My next infusion is on Wednesday, so I’m–once again–trying to soak in my last few days of feeling good before I take another jaunt through sucksville.

Based on the current plan, I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to return to normal life by the end of August. That would mean I’m over halfway done with this roller coaster ride. The thought brings alternating waves of excitement and overwhelm. In the end excitement usually wins, though. Getting close!

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